On the 18th of June, we organised our first meetup for translators in Paris! This was a unique opportunity to come and enjoy a friendly evening and meet the Project Managers that our guests work with every day. 🎉

This meetup is the first in a series of the Acolad Community’s external events that will hold in the future. Here is the report on this very first meetup to give you an idea of what to expect from upcoming Acolad Community events. 😉   


A friendly meetup

All the Vendor, Key Account & Project Managers from Acolad & TextMaster’s offices in Paris were there to welcome more than 25 translators from France and elsewhere. ✈️

The meetup started at 4:00pm with a welcome cocktail, followed by an “ice breaker” game designed by the Acolad Community team. The aim of the game was to stand on a rope and line up from the smallest to the tallest, the youngest to the oldest… without taking a foot off the rope! All translators took part in the game and everyone enjoyed it.



Round table on PEMT

After the ice breaker, the translators took part in a round table on post-editing & machine translation. This small conference was led by Yoann Auffret, an internal translator from Acolad and Lamis Mhedhbi, computational & linguistic Project Manager from TextMaster.  All translators were able to have their say about this highly topical issue. 😊 



Below, is an extract of the round table (English subtitles):



A successful kick off

The meetup ended with more savoury nibbles until 8:30pm and was a real success from beginning to end. The translators were all pleased to meet their Project Managers in person. 🌟

We are committed to being receptive to opinions on matters that translators experience every day. Sometimes these subjects may be a real concern, whether they are about digital innovations like PEMT, or coping with loneliness and the difficulty of expanding your network, especially at the beginning of your career.

By organising meetups and other external events, we aim to keep you better informed on the evolution of the translation world, to meet you and facilitate exchanges between your colleagues and project managers.

Here is a selection of the kind words that some of the translators left for us : 😊

”Thank you for this opportunity to meet with translators and our great project managers that we work with every day. I am so proud to be part of your community.”

”It was an excellent initiative and the organisation was fantastic: from the ice breaker to the PEMT and petits-fours, everything was perfect. Thank you!”

“Thank you for this meetup! It’s so nice to be able to connect the voices with the faces. Working with all of you is always a pleasure, and I’m looking forward to many more years of collaboration.”

“It was really nice to meet the Key Account Managers that we work with every day without really knowing them. It makes our profession more human !”


Would you like to see more photos of the event? Just click here!

We had such a success with this very first meetup that we are planning more in European cities over the next few months. So, stay tuned on Acolad Community and social media! 😉