From learning new technologies to deciding how to run your own business, life can be hard as a freelance translator.
That’s why we’ve created Acolad Community!


Discuss things with other translators
and give your opinions on topics
that interest you!


Keep up to date with the latest translation
news, do our training courses
and see yourself blossom!


Meet translators online
from all over the world
and join in with events near you.

The community

There’s no need to be lonely as a freelance translator!

With Acolad Community, you can share your daily life, hopes and questions with other professional translators. Chat on our Facebook group and take the opportunity to expand your network and meet other freelance translators.

Put mutual assistance back at the heart of your business!

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Ongoing training

The translation profession is constantly changing. It’s so important to keep abreast of the latest translation news! We help by providing exclusive content and having professionals run regular training courses.

Digital Nomads

Discover the adventures of “digital nomads”!

Never heard this expression? It describes people – often freelancers – who use the internet to work from anywhere in the world! Some are proper globetrotters, while others move to a new country for a few years…


The Acolad Community Blog

Learn more about our latest news and the translation industry in general.

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4 ways to network as a freelance translator

In a previous article, we gave you some tips on succeeding as a freelancer. Today, we will dig deeper into one of the most essential parts of a freelance translator’s work: building a network of customers. Translation is quite a competitive...

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Digital Nomad: Sandra, a Globetrotting Translator

Sandra’s life is far from sedentary. Over the past 20 years, she seized every opportunity to discover the world. After graduating from ISIT (Institut Supérieur d’Interprétation et de Traduction) in 1998, Sandra has worked as a freelance...

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