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While the translation industry changes at a very quick pace, it is sometimes difficult to stay up to date with all the latest news. Being a freelance translator also means having to deal with loneliness, that can be a challenge in every freelance’s daily life.

At Acolad Community, we want to prove that the old cliché of lonely writers cut off from the world is out of date.

We are committed to organize events worldwide to meet you and give you the opportunity to discuss with fellow translators and put a face on voices that you hear on a daily basis.


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Our 1st Translator Meetup – 18.06.2019

Our 1st Translator Meetup was a huge success


On the 18th of June, we organized for the first time a meetup for translators in Paris! This was a unique opportunity to come and enjoy a friendly moment, while meeting with Project Managers with whom our guests work every day. 🎉

This meetup is the first of a series of Acolad Community’sexternal events that will take place later. Here is the report of this very first meetup to give you an idea of the next events by Acolad Community. 😉  

6 qualities all good freelance translators have

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard  “I should be a translator too, I’ve always been pretty good with languages!” from your friends! Although working as a translator attracts many people nowadays, translation requires both experience and skill.So, what...

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