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Being a Digital Nomad means you can enjoy life while working. Mind you, it is often quite hard, but it is all so worth it, so start doing it now!

Sandra, digital nomad


They are translators, web editors or professional bloggers who have taken advantage of remote work to cross borders and say goodbye to routine: they are digital nomads. It’s a phenomenon that has developed quickly thanks to the rise of new technologies that make remote work easy, like chats, online platforms, and virtual dictionaries. The bestselling author Tim Ferris’s 2006 book The 4-Hour Workweek reflects the enthusiasm for this new method of working. Almost 5 million freelancers have become digital nomads in order to be more independent and discover the world. Being a digital nomad, or “technomad”, is a real lifestyle, with a single goal: freedom.


Digital nomads are free to change their place of residence regularly and work at their own pace. From a café in the heart of London, to a beach in Brazil or a hotel in Vietnam, these freelancers can work from anywhere in the world, provided that they have a (good) wifi connection! Digital nomads don’t have to choose between their job and their passion for travelling, they can enjoy both at the same time!  Some are real globetrotters, while others move abroad for several years, either alone or with their family

Thanks to remote work, It is much easier to work while you’re hundreds of miles away from your home base. Digital nomads use their independence to meet new people, step into different cultures, and spend more time with their family.

Last but not least, working from  the other side of the world gives digital nomads the opportunity to learn more about themselves. Although we tend to picture digital nomads relaxing on a remote island, the reality is not always peaceful. Indeed, digital nomads face new challenges related to their lifestyle: finding (and keeping) a good wifi connection, longer or postponed working hours, an unpredictable volume of work

However, this doesn’t restrict digital nomads from working. On the contrary, they learn how to deal with unforeseen events and keep calm in all circumstances. For example, a former digital nomad named Eric, who lived in Brazilrecommends  having a good network of clients, to avoid running out of projects.

Digital nomadism allows us to have new experiences every day and adds some spice to our lives. Reading about digital nomads’ experiences is almost like reading about Saint-Exupéry or Robinson Crusoe’s adventures, because they give us a view into another world.

Want to jump in the deep end and live the adventure of digital nomadism? Although it takes a lot of autonomy and great organisational skills, it’s worth taking the risk, as Sandra says: “Being a digital nomad is not as difficult as you might think. Just try it out and you’ll see!

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Digital Nomad: Sandra, a Globetrotting Translator

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