How to choose between a job you like, your family and travelling? Don’t!
Relax and read Sandra’s testimony.

Sandra became a full-time freelancer in March 2017 when she decided to leave her Project Management job at an IT company. She used to translate on the side while working at her full-time job, but now she’s pleased to say that translating is her only job.

She is married, has two children, and loves to travel. Her travelling background is quite impressive: Iceland, Vietnam, Cambodia, the United States, Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia, France, Spain, South Africa, Ukraine, Bulgaria… but she’s not done! Sandra and her family are planning to go to the Philipines next year. One of her goals is to visit every European capital before she turns 40.

How did you start working as a Digital Nomad?

I didn’t really plan to start as a Digital Nomad, but being a freeIancer gave me the flexibility to travel whenever I wanted. It’s just so much easier than when you’re an employee!

Since I still have clients that expect me to meet deadlines, my rhythm of work has adapted to travelling: I often work at night or get up earlier than the rest of the family to finish my work.

Describe a typical day as a Digital Nomad

For example, during our summer holidays we visited the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). I usually got up at 6 am while everyone else was still asleep, and worked until 8 am when everybody woke up. We did the typical touristy things during the day, but I stayed behind to work a couple of afternoons when deadlines were too tight… I usually worked in our Camper with my laptop. When my children went to bed in the evening I kept working until late at night.

What are the downsides of being Digital Nomad?

If I have to work through the night without getting any sleep I am not the most loveable person. I actually do need my sleep, but when you have a lot of work… it’s not all glitter and glamour!

What are your favorite aspects of this lifestyle?

I love the freedom that I have to plan my own work. I get to spend more time with my kids, and I would not have it any other way!
In this year alone, I have worked from Italy, Spain, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, France and The Netherlands. And who knows what is next!

I really want to travel as much as I can! According to Wikipedia, there are 47 capitals in Europe, and I still have to visit 16 of them… Yes, it is an obsession!

What is your advice for people interested in becoming a Digital Nomad?

Being a Digital Nomad means you can enjoy life while working. Mind you, it is often quite hard, but it is all so worth it, so start doing it now. Get yourself a good laptop and get to it! Now that there are no more roaming costs, the world is at your feet!