Thank you very much to all the translators who came to our second meetup on October 11th!

“Thank you all so much for giving us translators a very precious opportunity to get to know each other and to exchange information and experiences and last but not least, to grow together!”

After a successful first meetup in Paris, the Acolad Community team organized its second meetup in the heart of the world’s capital of fashion and design: Milan. Our guests enjoyed an event dedicated to translators where they could meet other freelance translators and the Vendor Managers they work with every day.

Here are the photos and a summary of this great evening, where we enjoyed friendly and insightful discussions.


A friendly meetup at the Newton House 

“Grazie per la bellissima iniziativa – È bello confrontarsita colleghi con voi tutti !”

Key Account and Vendor Managers from our Italian teams in Milan, Rimini and Bologna welcomed a total of 21 translators, mostly from Italy. The event took place at the Newton House in the heart of Milan, not far from the Sempione park and to the northwest of the splendid Duomo.



After a welcome coffee at 4PM, translators and Vendor Managers participated in an icebreaker game designed by the Acolad Community team: the “in-between word”. In this game, two volunteers think of a word for 15 seconds and say it out loud at the same time. Then, they think again and try to find a word that is “in-between” the words that were previously said. For example, if one says “Italy” and the other says “food” in the first round, it is very likely that they will say “pizza” in the second round. Each duo had 3 tries to find the word that comes in-between, before giving other volunteers a turn. It wasn’t so easy, as you can see in the video below: 😉


“Grazie mille, è sempre un piacere parlare di lavoro con voi… e non solo di lavoro !”

However, the translators and Vendor Managers enjoyed the game a lot and had fun racking their brains to find the same word as their partner!


A lively roundtable about marketing

“Thank you for the opportunity to meet other fellow translators. It’s nice to feel you are not alone in this particular field of work.” 

After the icebreaker, the translators took part in a roundtable about marketing tips to help you distinguish yourself from other freelance translators. It was moderated by Cristina Milan (Vendor Manager) and two freelance translators, Elisa Succi and Claudia Krug. All translators were able to share their experiences and points of view on marketing and other topics related to the translation industry.



During the roundtable, translators exchanged thoughts about every possible way to “sell yourself”: improving your network by expanding it or consolidating the contacts you already have, the perks and disadvantages of working with direct customers, as well as having an active presence on professional social media platforms.

Click here to discover all of the ideas discussed during the roundtable.


Exchange between translators and Vendor Managers

“Very interesting and always pleasant to meet old and new colleagues and share experiences. Thank you!”

First and foremost, meetups are an opportunity for translators to have a face-to-face meeting with colleagues and Vendor Managers, people who they can usually only “see” through a computer screen or talk to by telephone. We are committed to giving our community information about subjects that are important to freelance translators, such as expanding your network, digital innovations, and CAT tools. The translation world is constantly changing, and it’s not always easy to keep up to date with the latest news.

The roundtables that we organize during our meetups aim to address your concerns and share your experiences and tips with your colleagues from around the world, whether they are aspiring translators or have more experience.

Photos of the meetup are now available! Would you like to see them? Just click here! 😉

“Thank you for organizing this event! It was great to meet you in person and to explore all the opportunities Acolad offers us. Hope to see you again soon!”

Our 3rd Translator Meetup is coming soon, so keep an eye on our social media channels and your email inboxes to know the next city! Where will we see you next? Stay tuned…😉