Magdalena has been a freelance translator since 2012. She mainly provides translation services into Polish and specializes in marketing, tourism and real estate (fields where she has had prior experience).  She also provides sworn translation services.

Over the course of the last few years, Magdalena had the chance to visit a lot of places in Europe, South America and particularly Brazil where she feels at home… She managed to adapt her work to her desire to travel by becoming a Digital Nomad.


 How was it to start as a Digital Nomad?

Not easy as it is always hard to take that first step. The organization was a big concern.

First, as a translator, I use a lot of different dictionaries, grammar guides and other books for my work. While traveling, it is not possible to take all of them, so I had to find a good compromise.

Also, last year, I had to prepare my first trip with a two-month-old baby. It made me really nervous… but I did it. Now that it is all said and done, I realize it was actually pretty easy. So, this year my partner and I decided to do it again and leave our home in France for 6 months with our one-year-old boy!


What’s a “typical” day for you as a Digital Nomad?

I don’t really feel like I have a “typical day”. Every day is different. This is one of the reasons to become a Digital Nomad. Goodbye monotony! Hello, adventure!

I would like to add though that even as a Digital Nomad, I’m still working 8 hours per day…  Or more! My days are longer than they used to be and I love it this way, as long as the Internet connection works!


What are your 3 recommendations for aspiring Digital Nomads?

  • Organize your life better. When I work at home, I  always have many things to do… So I never really stop working.

    But when traveling, I had to divide my day into 4 parts:  work – family – sport/pleasure/discovering – time for myself. This organization makes my days just perfect.

  • Multiply your clients and sources of translation jobs. In order to ensure that I would always have work during my travels, I had to look for new sources of projects, that’s how I discovered TextMaster, amongst other platforms and marketplaces.
  • Just do it! Being a Digital Nomad is a very precious experience. It taught me to be grateful for what I have and to live my dreams! I did it and now,  after three months in Brazil, we are going to spend two months in one of the beautiful Canary Islands before coming back to our home in the French Alps. I love it!