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At Acolad Community, we want to keep you better informed about the latest news of the translation world.  Whether it is about digital innovation, tips to run your career as a freelance, or simply testimonies about digital nomadism, we aim to cover every matter to help all translators out.

During our external events, we organise round tables and conferences about these topics that you experience every day and that are a real concern sometimes. 

Online Round Table – 12.11.2020

Subtitling & Multimedia Translation



We talked about subtitling for movies and corporate videos with freelance translator and subtitler Silvia Gallico for the first online round table. We discussed the software used, the differences with “traditional” translation, and how to gain subtitling experience.

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Webinar Machine Translation – 8.07.2020

Machine Translation & Post-Editing of Machine Translation at Acolad 


For our 2nd webinar, Lisa Prevett, translator, editor and proofreader at Acolad, talked about Machine Translation and PEMT. We talked about the history of machine translation, Acolad’s engines and what is post-editing. We also went through the most common mistakes and feedback from our team of post-editors at Acolad. 

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Webinar SDL Trados – 10.02.2020

Optimizing your Projects with SDL Trados: Glossary Converter & Time-Saving Tips 


For our 1st webinar, we went through some of the functionalities of SDL Trados’ broad range of plugins with Lisa Prevett, translator, editor and proofreader at Acolad. We talked about Glossary Convertershortcuts & other time-saving tips, as well as many filters, such as Find/Replace and Source & Target

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Translator Meetup – 18.06.2019

Round table on PEMT


This round table on post-editing & machine translation was led by Yoann Auffret, an internal translator from Acolad and Lamis Mhedhbi, computational & linguistic Project Manager from TextMaster. 

(English subtitles)


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