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At Acolad Community, we want to keep you better informed about the latest news of the translation world.  Whether it is about digital innovation, tips to run your career as a freelance, or simply testimonies about digital nomadism, we aim to cover every matter to help all translators out.

During our external events, we organise round tables and conferences about these topics that you experience every day and that are a real concern sometimes. 

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Translator Meetup – 18.06.2019

Round table on PEMT


This round table on post-editing & machine translation was led by Yoann Auffret, an internal translator from Acolad and Lamis Mhedhbi, computational & linguistic Project Manager from TextMaster. 

(English subtitles)


Bank Accounts for Freelance Translators: Practical Guide

Choosing a bank when you’re a freelancer isn’t easy. And it's probably even more difficult when you're a freelance translator with lots of clients abroad. To help you, here are some tips from our partner, the French comparator for companies...

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Summer Quiz: Time to Reveal the Results!

The quiz is over!So many of you participated in the game, and we would like to thank you very much! 🙌 We know that you are dying to know the meaning of each idiom. Are you ready? 😉 We made an infographic to illustrate the answers*. Just click on this...

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Free Tools for Freelancers #5

Our series of posts about useful tools for freelancers is not about to stop! In the Acolad Community, we don’t hold back when it comes to sharing new (free) tools. We’ve asked our fellow project managers and translators once again about their favourite...

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