Digital nomads have made the bold decision not to choose between working and travelling. Thanks to websites like TextMaster they can work from anywhere in the world. Some of them go from one destination to another, others only do a few trips every year, while certain Digital Nomads live as expatriates for years. Some have a family travelling with them, others travel alone. The limitless possibilities allow nomad freelancing to fit any type of lifestyle or personal situation!

We wondered what are the three best things about being a Digital Nomad. We made a general survey amongst our community of translators and copywriters and here is what we found out.

You’re free

Freedom seems to be the thing Digital Nomads enjoy the most. When travelling, you can work wherever and whenever you want without the constraints of a regular schedule. Whether it is from a Thai beach or a Central Park café, all you need is a (good) wifi connection and you’re all set! Being a Digital Nomad gives you the ability to work where you please and organize your day however you want.

Discover the world

Discovering comes second. Working away from home opens the possibilities of discovering new continents and new places. You actually get to learn a lot about the world, meet people and discover new cultures. 40% of European Digital Nomads have been to Asia or South America, proving that going far from home is quite a motivation!
Being a Digital Nomad. creates opportunities for activities that are out of the ordinary. For Magdalena, nomad freelancing is the best way to try new surfing or kitesurfing spots abroad! As for Yvonne, a Dutch translator, there’s nothing like a day of work on the beach!

Learn about yourself

Last but not least, Digital Nomads have a unique opportunity to learn about themselves. You learn to be fully autonomous and enhance your creativity by meeting inspiring people, encountering new ways of thinking and discovering new places. You teach yourself to be (very) organized and to stay calm as you can never predict your day, the wifi connection, or, the weather. Just travelling or just working offer a lot of opportunities for self-discovery, but combining the two is a whirlwind experience. Many of the Digital Nomads we surveyed feel they learned more about themselves in a few months than they would have in a year if they were “sedentary” freelancers.

Nomad Freelancing gives you an unscripted life that creates new stories every day. As Pamela, a British copywriter puts it:  “Every day is a new adventure…

…as long as you get a good wifi connection.”