The quiz is over!

So many of you participated in the game, and we would like to thank you very much! 🙌 We know that you are dying to know the meaning of each idiom. Are you ready? 😉


We made an infographic to illustrate the answers*. Just click on this link!


*Erratum: some of the participants didn’t have access to the 1st question because of a technical problem from our side. We are sorry for this mistake! 🙏 That’s why we have decided to grant everyone 1 point for this idiom, no matter what your answer was.


Some of the idioms have really surprising meanings, don’t they? 😃 What were your favourites?


Now, keep an eye on your mailbox and social media accounts next week 🧐, because the 3 winners will be announced on Monday August 12th. We’ll be back on Monday at 5 pm (CET) to let you know the names of the winners!