Our series of free tools for freelancers is back! Over the past two months, we have had the opportunity to try out new tools designed to make the life of a freelancer easier. As the situation improves, it’s time to share what we have tested especially for you. If you are looking for tools to juggle between tasks and handle greater volumes, look no further – you have come to the right place!



We may not be saying anything new here, but paperwork is a nightmare for everyone, especially for freelancers and solopreneurs who have to deal with everything on their own. If you love multifunctional accounting software packages, then Freebe.me is the perfect tool for you! This complete software has a wide range of features and a very user-friendly interface. What makes Freebe.me a slightly better choice than HelloBonsai are its multiple options designed to make accountancy less daunting: synchronization with your bank, revenue and cost management, and automatic declaration to the URSSAF for French freelancers



This safe online service is particularly useful for freelancers translating or creating high volumes of documents or media, like videos. It’s often impossible to send videos by email, but with WeTransfer you can send up to 2GB of data to your clients free of charge, and that’s enormous. Using it is child’s play: simply go to the website, select your files, type the recipients’ email address, and click on Transfer. Your clients will receive an email notification from WeTransfer with a link to the data, and they have two weeks to download it.  



If you work as a freelance social media manager and have several twitter accounts to manage, give Tweetdeck a try! This application is free and has many advantages that will make you like managing Twitter accounts even more. You can track the latest hashtags and accounts with ease, which is extremely useful if you are looking for new trends. You can also categorize accounts, topics, and threads, and customize them at any time – something that can be rather overwhelming when you have to open lots of tabs for different accounts. You can also schedule several contemporary tweets on your accounts, thus saving oodles of time.



Some of you may have experienced working on projects with their teams remotely. Raise your hand if you’ve had problems to ensure efficient communication! If you are looking for a solution to manage projects without losing people in the loop, Xtensio is the right tool! This communications and creation platform enables you to make presentations and provide documents easily and quickly. It’s like the ultimate version of Canva and Google Drive. It has a wide range of templates, and you can use modules to drag and drop, change colors and backgrounds and resize to customize invoicing, landing pages for websites, and even marketing files. Every member of your team can work simultaneously on the document, and changes automatically save, so you can better see the progression. Save a lot of time writing emails to make sure everyone follows!


Have you tried other tools? Would you like to share them with us? We are fools for cool tools at Acolad Community!