Our series of posts about useful tools for freelancers is not about to stop! In the Acolad Community, we don’t hold back when it comes to sharing new (free) tools. We’ve asked our fellow project managers and translators once again about their favourite tools and we’d like to share three new ones with you to help you schedule your appointments, organise your files, as well as create straight-to-the-point content.



Organising meetings can be a real headache when you have to find time slots that suit your colleagues. With Calendly, that’s history! It has the same system as on Doodle. You create a board with different time slots for your meetings, then you send the link to the board to your colleagues or clients who then vote for the most convenient time slot. It’s quicker than sending loads of emails to confirm everyone’s availability and does the job in one go. You can even connect to other time-management apps and online calendars like Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365 and Salesforce.


Google Drive

Do we still have to present Google Drive? Well, yes, we do! 😊 Almost everyone has a Google account, and it’s becoming a very good alternative to Dropbox because you can do more than just store files online. With an integrated suite of software tools (Docs, Sheets and Slides), you can work directly on your documents online and update them in real time with your colleagues.



You’ve tried Grammarly to correct grammar & spelling mistakes. Now, it’s time to give Hemingway Editor a go! Named after the writer, who was known for his strong and straightforward style, this editor checks your text, spots all the parts you need to correct and highlights them in different colours. For example, when sentences are highlighted in green, it means that you should use the active voice instead of the passive. Simplest is sometimes the best, especially when it comes to writing slides and essential emails!


We’re still fools for cool tools!