A few months ago, we began a series of posts about useful tools every freelancer should have. This month, discover three new free tools for freelancers with Acolad Community! ⭐

Organization is key when you have to handle complex translation projects. That’s why we try to share practical advice and best practices with you. We’ve asked our fellow project managers and translators about their favourite tools and have three great tools to share with you. These are all unsponsored suggestions that can help you manage your time, money, schedule, or projects efficiently. 🛠️


If you are managing too many projects at the same time and you need a clear, user-friendly interface, then give Trello a try! This very colourful and graphic app allows you to create a board with columns and cards that you can slide from one column to another. You can customise your board by assigning someone to a project, adding charts, or creating a colour code for the status of a project… Trello is a great way to make project management less tedious! 🚀


Do you feel like you’re buried under a mountain of emails and don’t have enough time to answer them all? Boomerang is an extension for Gmail that will help you manage your emails efficiently. You can also schedule your emails to be sent at another time (even when you are not working), receive  reminders to read an email at a more convenient time, and even send emails when you are offline!


This well-known free marketing automation platform is very intuitive and easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can create beautiful templates and customise your lists of customers. Mailchimp has also very good reporting dashboards to help you monitor your campaigns. It makes sending catchy emails about your services easier than ever!

Do you use any free tools for freelancers that you would recommend?

Please let us know: we’re fools for cool tools at Acolad! 🔨