Being a freelancer can be challenging, because you have to manage many aspects of translation projects by yourself. This means you have to be a translator, a communications manager and an accountant all at the same time. ⭐

Some tasks are more time-consuming than others, which can discourage some freelance translators. But don’t worry: our team of project managers and translators love looking for free tools that make tasks (and life) easier for all freelancers. Here they are:



Do you need to find specific articles for your project, but you don’t have time to select them from hundreds of posts? Then Feedly will be your new best friend! This aggregator has everything: it is user-friendly because it guides the user at every step, from adding RSS flows and categories, to customising the interface to suit yourself (even with the free version). It also has an extensive database of sources and when you add a new post to your RSS flow, Feedly suggests new ideas and websites that are associated with the tags you’ve chosen. 🚀



As a freelancer, it’s not easy to manage every aspect of your micro-company, from project management to marketing, as well as time management. But with Clockify, things are easier! Not only is it very easy to set up, it is also suitable for every type of team, from solopreneurs to bigger companies. This free time-tracking software allows you to track time for all users involved in a project and carry out detailed reporting, so you can see how much time everyone is spending on tasks. It’s the perfect tool if you tend to get lost in organising your tasks, because it makes it easier to allocate time to each step of a project. ⏲️



As a freelance translator, you have to be your own accountant. Yet, we all know that accountancy is a time-consuming tedious task. Well, not any more with Hellobonsai! This freelance suite will help you to save time because It automatically generates and completes all your documents as soon as you start a new project. It also has lots of templates for contracts and legally-binding e-signatures to save you time writing them. Clients can then pay their invoices quickly and easily. Would you have ever thought that accountancy could be fun and easy? 😉


Do you know of any other freelance tools? We’re still fools for cool tools!