If freelancers could make a wish, it would always be the same: to be able to control time (or perhaps own a time machine). Because we can’t say it often enough: time is a freelancer’s most precious asset.

But all too often freelancers are slowed down by a new term, by the need to monitor the character count, or by the need to set up an online meeting. This results in their having to spend anywhere from minutes to hours away from their main task. At Acolad Community, we know how time-consuming such details can be. That’s why we seek to help you with new tools that allow you to focus on the bigger picture:


Acronym finder 

Ever have difficulty finding out what organization or name a set of initials stands for? Say hello to Acronym Finder! With millions of definitions within easy reach, it’s like finding the Holy Grail. Definitions are classified and ranked according to their relevance to help you filter and spot the right term quicker.


Character count online 

Remember the nightmare of character limits while writing high school and university essays? No more counting and no more risk of exceeding the limit with Character Count Online: it’s free and it offers a quick and easy way to count words in any document. You can either type directly in the text area or copy and paste your content. It works on all devices, and the results are displayed immediately.



Technical hitches and bad quality audio or video equipment are enough to ruin any online meeting and leave your clients with a negative impression. We are all familiar with Skype, but why not give Join.me a try? With a wide variety of useful features, such as customized meeting links, conference recording, and effective reporting tools, your meetings will never be the same again.


Have any other tools for freelancers you would like to share? We are fools for cool tools!