Every month, discover three essential free tools for freelancers. These are non-sponsored suggestions–only the preferred tools from fellow project managers and translators!


There is always a misspelling we only notice once the email is sent. Stop this craziness by using Grammarly! It shows you the possible mistakes when you are typing an email. Of course, it adapts to the language you are typing in! They also have a native app that you can use to check your documents.


Adapt the brightness of your computer screen to the time of the day! Staring at your computer screen during night time is actually disturbing for your brain and can become an obstacle when you try to go to sleep. At first, the new color of your screen may be a bit weird, but you will adapt quickly. Your brain will thank you (and F.lux)!


Slack is a great tool if you’re working remotely because it allows you to communicate with other freelancers or clients. The interface is also very user-friendly. You have the possibility to send “direct messages” or to create “channels” and group conversations. It helps you better organize your communications, and it might even reduce the amount of email you receive in your inbox!

Do you know any free tools for freelancers that you use and would recommend?
Please let us know. We’re fools for cool tools!