Setting out as a freelancer feels a bit like taking part in a race. You need to do learn to work on your primary task without being distracted by other time-consuming duties or details. When freelancing, time is precious, which is why this new series of free tools for freelancers focuses on apps and tools that make social media monitoring and emailing easier.



Do you find yourself wasting valuable time to recover forgotten passwords and reset accounts? Then give Lastpass a try! This password management website is your second memory. As a freelancer, you will need to use multiple platforms and software packages – meaning you’ll have to remember lots of different passwords. Life is too short to keep resetting passwords and accounts. Let Lastpass store this information for you while you save time for your main task: your work!



Having difficulty – and wasting valuable time – building templates for your emails and newsletters? Not with Publicate! You can either choose from its extensive range of fully customizable templates or create your own using the drag & drop function. Publicate also includes analytics, so you can analyze which campaigns were most successful and which templates are likely to work best.



Feel that managing social media is time-consuming? Well then Crowdfire is the solution for you! With Crowdfire’s flagship features, Content Recommendation, and Curation, you won’t need to waste precious time organizing articles and links from thousands of sources. These functions allow you to quickly choose the topics you were looking for and find them even more quickly next time. With Crowdfire, the more you play, the more (time) you save on planning and publishing!


Have you tried other tools? Would you like to share them with us? We in the Acolad Community are fools for cool tools!